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The chances of getting a page one listing on Google Search is increased by 53X with video. A dynamic video can help your business grow if the message is just right and the quality is high. After viewing a video 65% of people will visit your website, if it is good!

Our experienced video production team delivers videos that stimulate your audience to take action. That is why Hollywood Film Shoot partners with experts in a variety of video production / film disciplines.

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Barbara Cronin Harrington


Barbara Cronin Harrington is a take charge and get it done woman, not only is she a producer and a screenwriter, she also published books and worked in films alongside Ron Howard, Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman and more. She knows what it takes and has no time for social media.

Barbara Cronin Harrington

Project Manager / Writer
Mary Jane Heath


Mary Jane is a seasoned professional. She is creative and possesses a wide range of characters both on camera and in voice-over. Her characters include a vast range of ages, emotions, experiences and intensity. She has won several awards including; Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Female Voice-Over, Best Set Design and Best Writer of a series. She is a top notch Script Supervisor, Production Coordinator and Assistant Director.

Mary Jane Heath

Actor / Script Supervisor
John Williams


Ever since I was a very young man I found myself immersed into the artistic world. For over a decade I have been involved in filmmaking and storytelling. My love for film has evolved into the studio I have today where I have been spending my time shooting everything from funny shorts to music videos. I Love My Life!

John Williams

Creative Director
Vincent Leverenz


I involve myself in video production because I enjoy a challenge. When I think about what can be done, followed by the right actions I find the results are a close copy of my vision. Is there a better reason to be involved in such a great career? While at work I feel as though I am at play.

Vincent Leverenz

Editor / Production Assistant
Beverly Carroll


With a Bachelor Degree in Theater, this business-building marketing pro loves the arts and has over 20+ years’ experience helping businesses grow. In addition to creating and implementing marketing campaigns, she creates beautiful search engine optimized websites, marketing videos and more.

Beverly Carroll

Marketing Director
David Vogel Actor and Comedian


David Vogel's life turned around when he went to a Hooter's restaurant. Somebody came up to him and said "you have an interesting face would you like to be in the movies?" that was in 1997. Since then David Vogel went on to make 111 commercials and 61 films/pilots. His motto, “take what they give you and make it yours, make it so good that no one can do it better”.

David Vogel

Actor / Comedian
Josh Given


Holding Bachelor's Degrees in both film and music from Full Sail University, Josh is ready to tackle any video production of any size. He has been making films since his early childhood and is now qualified and ready to live his dream.

Josh Given

Cinematographer / Editor
Amy Regenstein


Amy attended International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Her work has been featured in the Salvador Dali Museum, Dunedin Fine Arts Center and the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. She is a member of AIGA the professional association for design.

Amy Regenstein

Graphics & Animations
Dianne Campbell


In the background I watch and listen and try to capture stories of life unfolding around me. Armpits to feet, as a professional nurse with a BA in journalism, I love how dialect and circumstance direct dialogue and drama.

Dianne Campbell


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